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Evergreen Luna - Fuchsia x Pyrite

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Our Evergreen Select Luna Boxes are a beautiful collaboration of preserved roses that last about 3 years and crystals encased inside a usable chest of drawers for placement on your vanity, altar, desk, and countertop, or anywhere your heart desires. These unique boxes offer the perfect place to store what is important to you such as your written affirmations and intentions, adornments, gems, and jewels; the choice is truly all yours!
Crystal Properties:
Pyrite: Protection, Prosperity, Deflect Negative Energies, Enhance Willpower, Creative Inspiration, Grounding, Mental Clarity, Love

Cleanse Crystals
Place your Luna piece near a window on every full moon to cleanse and charge your crystals under the powerful moon rays. Tip: Write your Intentions on a piece of paper and place in the Luna drawer for added manifestation.

If necessary, be very gentle when cleaning by using a dust blower to remove the accumulation of dust on the roses. Do not water the roses.