Evergreen Select

White Geode x Succulents

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Unlock Healing, Clarity, and Tranquility with this soothing combination of the White Geode Crystal and our freshly planted Succulents in a modern Matte Black or White Ceramic Vase. The live succulents calm and nurture your space along with the White Geode Crystal.

Each one of our succulent and flower arrangements is carefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally handcrafted by our magical floral designer and some variations may occur. Some variations may occur with the crystals as well since every piece is unique to itself. 

Cleanse Crystals
Place your Evergreen Sol arrangement near a window on every full moon to cleanse and charge your crystals under the powerful moon rays.

Water the soil directly and avoid getting the succulent leaves wet. When the soil is dry, that is an indication that’s it to water. Over watering is detrimental to your succulents so be mindful. For succulents to thrive, place in a sunny space in your home that gets around 5 hours of direct or indirect sunlight. Please check out our Blog and FAQ for more of an in depth care manual for succulent care.