Amethyst & Aquarius

Amethyst & Aquarius

Sign: Aquarius
Birthstone: Amethyst
Dates: January 20 - February 20
Planet: Uranus
Element: Air

The mind of an Aquarius is looking to be stimulated and is always alert. Aquarians lack motivation or become complacent if they truly aren’t interested or stimulated by their endeavors or tasks at hand; they hold pure intentions. They are progressive and truth seekers. Aquarians are assertive, analytical, and original. 

The birthstone of the Aquarius is Amethyst. It is said that Amethyst brings about positive effects on many traits of the Aquarius. 

Benefits of Amethyst:

Promoting Aquarians ability to work effectively with others, Amethyst is said to enhance the communicative nature. This includes both personally and professionally. Amethyst encourages a productive togetherness while working toward common goals and projects. 

Also, Amethyst is believed to assist Aquarians in tough situations. It brings about clarity and helps calm the mind thus allowing for a clearer mind while making these difficult or challenging decisions. 

Amethyst is one of the most aesthetically pleasing crystals out there. From its stunningly gorgeous color to its sense of sooth upon looking at the crystal, Amethyst is a favorite among all!

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