First Full Moon of 2022

First Full Moon of 2022

On January 17th 2022, we will welcome our first Full Moon of the year also known as Wolf Moon. The Wolf Moon name was derived from Native American tribes. It is said that the wolves howled more at this January full moon than any other through out the year. Initially, the Native Americans believed that the howling was due to hunger during the winter. We now know that wolves howl for different reasons such as defining, territory, locating pack members, building social bonds, and even coordinate hunting. 

The Wolf Moon also symbolizes the middle of the cold season. It is also believed that a bright first moon suggests rain and a bountiful harvest. A red-tinted moon hints at a dry year. If you see a halo around the full moon, it suggests wet or stormy weather. The full moon will rise around 4:45 p.m. Eastern and reach peak illumination at around 6:50 p.m. Eastern. Other than being the highest point in the lunar cycle, full moons signify a time to release that no longer serves you and manifest your heart’s wishes and goals. 

There is the spiritual meaning of the full moon and also what the Wolf Moon means for each Zodiac Sign. Check out your sign below:

  • Aquarius: Watch out, Aquarius. Aquarius "may have challenges with expression of their feelings, and they may be caught in a lie."
  • Pisces: January should be a lucky time for Pisces, and they might find new love, new fortune, or something else they've been seeking.
  • Aries: January looks like a struggle for Aries, but don't give up. You may have some stumbling blocks in your personal relationships, but you can definitely get through it.
  • Taurus: January may be a time for creative freedom for a Taurus. "This would be a good time for Taurus to start a creative project that brings even more wealth to this naturally abundant sign.”
  • Gemini: It looks like an eye-opening month for Geminis. "This can also be a time where hidden intentions of people around them are revealed.” Miscommunication could be a big problem this month for Geminis
  • Cancer: January could be huge for Cancers. They "may experience an 'aha' moment where they figure out how they fit into this world." They also may get the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Leo: For Leos, January is a time of introspection - “This may be a fortunate time for Leo, who may come to an understanding about their true feelings in a relationship or towards themselves."
  • Virgo: Money could be at the forefront of the new year for a Virgo as they go through challenges with what they have. It might be time for a new financial project to start 2022.
  • Libra: The year will have a bold start for Libras, who may find themselves with a burst of creativity. Libras may "suffer for their art and express pain through beauty."
  • Scorpio: The beginning of the year is a time for Scorpio to find themselves by putting their own wants and needs first. It'll start 2022 off on the right foot.
  • Sagittarius: January will be up and down for Sagittarius, but the low points won't last long. Higher highs are on the horizon.
  • Capricorn: Those new year's resolutions for accountability might be a good idea for Capricorns. The beginning of the year is the time to kick those bad habits and have your friends and family hold you accountable.

If you own an Evergreen Select LUNA piece, this first full moon of the year is the perfect time to cleanse and recharge your crystals for the upcoming year. Cleanse your crystals’ energy of the past year and get them ready for 2022. Place your Evergreen LUNA piece next to a window or in a space where the powerful moon rays can shine on them. You may also write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place them in the bottom drawer for an extra charge. Happy Wolf Moon!