Lunar Eclipse

How to pair and energize your Evergreen LUNA with the Partial Lunar Eclipse

We are blessed to witness the longest partial lunar eclipse this Thursday night in almost 600 years! The lunar eclipse will be about 3 hours and 28 minutes according to NASA. If you are on the West Coast, the lunar eclipse will begin at 10:02 p.m. and reach its maximum at around 1:45am Friday. If you are on the East Coast, the lunar eclipse will begin at 1:02am and reach its maximum at around 3:45am on Friday. Unlike a solar eclipse, you do not need any special protective eyewear in order to view. All you need to do is set your alarm, wake up, and enjoy – I’m talking to our East Coasters here!

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon line up almost perfectly in space. Gradually, the moon slides into the Earth’s shadow until the lunar disk starts turning gray to a dimmer orange or reddish color. Then the moon returns back to its full beautiful original color. 


Now, how can we benefit most from this Lunar Eclipse taking place? Eclipses are super-charged full moons and new moons, helping to realign us with our selves, goals, and purposes. They are also about releasing habits, people, and circumstances that are no longer aligned with you or your goals and purposes. With the lunar Eclipse, we are cleansing our mind, body, and soul.


Many people perform different rituals during these special phases of the Moon, as the potent energy makes for a wonderful time to meditate and set solid intentions. This is one reason why one of our collections was named LUNA aka Moon. Other than being an incredibly aesthetic statement piece in your home, and an amazingly thoughtful gift to loved ones, there is truly a divine purpose at the core of our LUNA pieces. We intentionally created a third drawer in some of the LUNA Collection sizes, with a layer of crystals and then flowers on top-- so you can have the loving art from Pachamama (Mother Earth) present to amplify whatever you decide to place inside this magical drawer. 


Read below for our Lunar Eclipse guide on how to receive the most from the Evergreen LUNA piece and the supercharged eclipse. 

To start:


  1. Write down 3 goals, or intentions you wish to manifest on paper – make sure they are concise and clear
  2. Read them out loud (Speak them, to amplify them) 3 – 4 times while mindfully concentrating on each one individually
  3. Open the bottom drawer of the Evergreen LUNA, and place your paper facing up, so the crystals can vibrate and activate what you have written
  4. Close your eyes and envision achieving  – allow the happiness and fulfillment you will receive from these achievements to lovingly overwhelm you
  5. Place your Evergreen LUNA by a windowsill or an area within your home that will allow the moon rays to beam on it.


An eclipse can bring about situations in which one might be compelled to react, so it is important to channel this powerful energy into positive outlets and ultimately positive outcomes. Magnify the powerful energy to further manifest your desires! Eclipses, meditation and crystals, are helpful, but ultimately – you are the one that creates your own magic so take action!