Where to Place Crystals in Your Home

Where to Place Crystals in Your Home

Crystals have been used for centuries as protectors in warding off negative energies and feelings while promoting positivity, encouraging prosperity and abundance, creating harmony, and improving sleep. It is a vital practice to surround and integrate your living space, your home, with crystals. The crystals can help ensure your home remains safe and harmonious.

There is a lot of conversation regarding placement of crystals within a home and where the most effective place should be. The answer is that it all depends on the type of crystal and its properties. Every crystal has a specific vibration, frequency, and energy so area of your home should select placement or space meet the unique needs of that crystal.

Here are examples of some very home friendly crystals and where they should be placed:



The Citrine crystal encourages prosperity and abundance. It is best to place your Citrine crystal in the southeast corner of your home or space. Citrine has historically been linked to success in the work setting.

Rose Quartz:

The Rose Quartz crystal promotes love, calm, and peace. It is best to have the Rose Quartz in your bedroom as it brings romance and love. Not only does Rose Quartz promote love, calm, and peace, but it also promotes rest and pleasant dreams.

Clear Quartz:

The Clear Quartz crystal is a cleansing stone. Clear Quartz is ideal for the bathroom. Purify your spirit and cleanse your body at the same time with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal for the bathroom, a place of cleansing.


The Amethyst crystal also promotes calm, intuition, and peace like Rose Quartz. Amethyst is effective in the bedroom as well especially for people that are having trouble sleeping at nights. Amethyst is also ideal for the living room as it generates a relaxing and rejuvenating space.

Black Tourmaline:

The Black Tourmaline crystal may be the most effective among the crystals listed for most effective crystals within a home. As one of the most grounding crystals, Black Tourmaline protects the home from all types of negative energy and EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields). To best protect your home or space with Black Tourmaline, place the crystal near the front door. For extra protection, place Black Tourmaline crystal in every corner of the living room.


Our homes are incredibly personal spaces. Our homes reflect who we are and what we are interested in so they tend to reflect our energies as well. For instance, when your mind is cluttered with negative thoughts, then chaos and disarray may manifest within your home space. When 2 people within the home experience tension or difficulties, then the home exudes a tense feeling. This is why it is extremely vital to cleanse the energy of your home and also keep integrating it with it love, joy, and protection. Crystals in the home help set a positive and joyous tone for your space and spirit.