4 tips for your succulents to thrive

4 tips for your succulents to thrive

Caring for plants isn’t easy. Luckily, we are caring for succulents in this post and succulents are pretty hard to kill! I have provided these wonderful pro tips for caring for your lovely succulents and keeping your plants healthy and beautiful. Please enjoy these succulent tips and apply them to your plants whether from Evergreen Select or anywhere else!

Succulents need to receive enough light daily. Be sure to place your succulents in an area of your home or space where they can receive about 5 to 6 hours of direct or indirect sunlight per day. Succulents thrive with mother sun beaming on them! Please note that some newly planted baby succulents might get scorched in the sun so full sun exposure might not be such a great idea until a little later in their cycle.

Frequently Rotate Your Succulents. Succulents love direct sunlight and thrive with the rays beaming on them but if you’re letting your succulents receive sunlight at the same exact location day after day, which can be detrimental. Please remember to rotate your succulents frequently. One way to do this is to rotate your vase or succulent arrangement about 180 degrees to allow the other half of the succulents receive the sunlight.

Water succulents according to the season and climate: There is no universal watering schedule for succulents. Succulents require water when the soil is dry. You will have to keep track and create a watering schedule for your succulents. During the spring and summertime, succulents are using more energy and consuming more water as opposed to fall and winter. You need to water accordingly. Succulents require more water during the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, succulents can go on days without requiring any water. Even if the season is fall or winter but it is extremely hot depending on your region, please water your succulents accordingly. Here are some pretty good indicators that your succulents are in need of water.

  1. Potting soil is dry
  2. Succulent leaves are wrinkled or shriveled

Please water in these cases, and please remember to water the soil directly and never on the succulents directly.

Succulents can also be given too much water. Here are some pretty good indicators that your succulents do not require water at the moment.

  1. Soil is pretty moist or wet
  2. Soggy leaves
  3. Leaves start to change color

Water the potting soil directly: It is imperative to water the succulents by watering the potting soil. Do not water the succulents or leaves directly. Please do not use a spray bottle to water your succulents this might cause water to get on your leaves and may cause the succulents to rot. To water your succulents effectively, please use a cup or a canteen to water the soil. Water the soil until it is moist. And then repeat a few days later when the soil is dry. Please remember not to overwater as succulents do not like be in wet soil for longer than a couple of days. If you are caring for an Evergreen Select Succulents Arrangement for the Evergreen Sol Collection, please remember to remove the crystals before watering the soil. 

Caring for your succulents is an amazing and fulfilling experience. You are allowing life to thrive and stay beautiful. It may take a couple of weeks to a month for you to get to really know your succulents and their sunlight and watering schedules, but when you do your succulents will love you for it and display their wonderful beauty in your setting!

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