Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon

This upcoming new moon falls in water sign Pisces and is particularly wired to fuel your imagination even if you don't spend much time pondering the metaphysical or mystical ideas. Today, on March 2, 2022 at 12:36 p.m. ET 9:36 a.m. PT, we'll experience a new moon in Pisces.  

Pisces are incredibly intuitive, empathic, and even a bit psychic. This means that we are tapping into our most empathic, spiritual side, and doing our best to go with the flow.

During Pisces season, the new moon has a way of urging us all to consider what we can't see on the surface, especially in terms of our emotions. It brings a little calm, creativity, and expansion into your life. Fully immerse in it as this is one of the first moons, new or full, with nothing but good and positive vibes!

New moons are powerful intention setting points and moments that are here for gaining clarity on your visions you want to manifest. New moons are often referred to as clean slates. Set an intention for the emotions you want to get in touch with for the rest of the moon's cycle this month.

Pisces energy is all about connecting with all that’s beyond the surface of things. It is about taking the time to explore your inside world in ways that you have not had the chance to before! It’s about trusting your dreams, and realizing that you can pursue and achieve them just because they exist.