Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon

March’s full moon is taking place on the 18th in the realm of mutable earth sign, Virgo. which serves as some serious clean-up-your-act vibes. Virgos are analytical, organized, and focused on wellness — so this March lunation marks an ideal time to clear our slates of expired emotional baggage and cleanse ourselves of toxic thoughts or relationships. This full moon’s energy is highlighting our responsible sides and helping us see exactly what needs to be released.

This full moon, also known as the “Worm Moon”, will be the final full moon of the winter. One of the reasons it is referred to as the “Worm Moon” is because is describes the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in the spring and invites birds to feed.

The March full moon with reach peak illumination at 3:20AM EST on Friday, but you can start to see the rise on Thursday evening! This full moon is special because it’s occurring 2 days before the spring equinox. This occurs when the sun crosses the equator line, heading north – this is also known as the first day of Spring.

See how the March 18th full moon will affect your zodiac sign:

Aries: make sure your schedule is in order and your priorities are in check. Make sure you’re putting energy aside for your wellness by leaving yourself adequate time to sleep, rest, and do some self-care. Work is important, but so much that you should sacrifice your well-being. Treat yourself to some down time.

Taurus: Your hobbies and leisure activities deserve some time in the limelight, so pour your heart into your passions now and simply follow your excitement. Enjoying the pleasure in life is always an effective use of time.

Gemini: By freeing your physical environment of distracting clutter, you’ll be able to shine your light more brightly and focus your energy on your goals.

Cancer: Reach out to the friends you’ve been meaning to get in touch with and clear your schedule of anything that’s not a good use of time. You’ll be feeling incredible once you get your social affairs in order.

Leo: Be conscious of your current assets and spending habits. This is the perfect time to review your bank statements and check in on your savings to see where you’re at.

Virgo: It’s your annual full moon, so this is your time to steal the spotlight. Embrace your confidence now and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. People pick up on your authenticity and openness, so you’ll easily stand out from the crowd and make your mark!

Libra: It is time to slow down and connect with your spiritual side. Instead of going out or logging extra hours at your job, spend the weekend getting introspective. Practice meditation, a candle-lit bath, or a full moon ritual is exactly what you need.

Scorpio: Lean into to the authentic connections you have that feel aligned with and be sure to distance yourself from any social circles that put a hinderance on your creativity and vibe.

Sagittarius: This full moon marks a high point when it comes to your professional life. Make careful plans when it comes to your next career moves. While you usually prefer to take a more spontaneous approach, this full moon is better suited for making more well-thought-out plans.

Capricorn: Step back from your usual routine. Are your daily interactions and circumstances supportive of your long-term goals? Now’s a time to make some adjustments so you can conquer your loftier aspirations.

Aquarius: Now is the time to cleanse yourself of secrets, guilt, or emotional baggage.

Pisces: This full moon is putting an emphasis on your relationships. This is an important time to get real about what you want and expect out of your partnerships. Committing to something or someone is great, but only if it aligns with what’s in your heart. Don’t make these kinds of decisions without thinking them through meticulously.

Also, if you own an Evergreen Select LUNA or any collection of crystals, this March full moon of the year is the perfect time to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Cleanse your crystals’ energy of the past month and get them ready for the next. Place your Evergreen LUNA piece next to a window or in a space where the powerful moon rays can shine on them. You may also write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place them in the bottom drawer for an extra charge. Happy Full Moon!